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December - 2023


Children's book I wrote and illustrated for a school project.

Murphy Maude Interiors - Monster Designs

Murphy Maude Interiors

Children's Collection - 2020

Collaboration with Murphy Maude Interiors, based in Memphis, TN to design a children's collection. Designed monsters, fish, and dogs for the company. Designs sold as beddings, blankets, pillows, fabrics, wallpaper, and more.

Murphy Maude Interiors - Collaboration with Rosalie Grubb
Cool Globes - Pedal Power

Cool Globes Project

Pedal Power - 2020

Cool Globes public art project aimed to promote creative environmental initiatives. Temporarily located in uptown Charlotte, NC. Now permanently located in Greenville, SC. 

My initiative -

Pedal Power

When it comes to biking, Charlotte's on a roll. Biking around Center City is constantly improving and let's face it - experiencing the city is better by bike. According to AAA, the average American spends $9,000 annually on their car and an urban housing community has to spend approximately $30,000 per parking space to house that car. This is an unsustainable approach to our affordable housing and environmental crisis. There is no better way to improve the quality of our atmosphere than by making sure bikes play a much bigger role in Charlotte's future. Let's embrace the Power of Pedals.

Cool Globes - Collaboration
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